Nina Kuo
Artist Statement

Today Nina Kuo creates paintings, large drawings and mural landscapes with mutli-symbolic themes and calligraphic shapes while presenting scholar rocks in a surreal manner for emotional appeal. These images provide metaphors for our global bourgeois society and its cultural ambiguity. Computers, make-up rituals, fantasy hairdos and fast foods provide satirical relationships along some figures. These scenarios blend in with our cybernetic frantic world. Symbols include: internet dating, shopaholics, yoga clubs, rock bands which remind us of our love-hate pop cultural aesthetics. For example, in a Ch’ing mountainscape -fried noodles spell out surreal calligraphic forms along with Pop icons as ladies gather for a cosmetics party. These elements are juxtaposed to accompany her investigation into our offbeat world of floating images which is autobiographical and invented.This haven of image-making seduces and bridges many idioms for her. She has executed many paintings, sculptures and video works related to a mythical destiny full of contradictions and surprise.

Artist Web Site
Exhibition History at Gallery 456
2009NINA KUO - LORIN ROSER : Mythical Montage
Works & History
2009“Mythical Montage “ Gallery 456, NYC (reviews World Journal,Singtao Daily, NY
Pierogi Group Show, NYC
2008“All Hot and Bothered” Samuel Dorsky Mus.of Art, New Paltz, NY
Permanent collection
Bowery Poetry Project, Intro-Bob Holman
2007Asian Contemporary Art Fair, NYC- see catalog,
Solo Exhibit- Cheryl McGinnis Gallery, NYC, catalog intro Eleanor Heartney (Art in America - review by J. Goodman)
Asian Contemp. Art Fair, NYC
2006Flushing Town Hall, NYC
Scope Art Fair, NYC