Feng Liang Hong
Artist Statement

LIANGHONG FENG  1962 Born in Shanghai, China.   EDUCATION  1983 Shanghai Art & Design school, Shanghai, China.  1989 Central Academy of Art&Design, Beijing, China.   SOLO SHOWS  2009 "Lianghong Feng" Cynthia·Reeves, New York, NY.  2007    “Lianghong Feng’s recent work” TRA Gallery, Beijing.  1997    “Beyond Calligraphy & Graffiti” Gallery 456 New York, NY.    GROUP SHOWS  2008 “From New York to Beijing” Today Art Museum, Beijing.  “Cross-Reference” Shuimu Art space , Beijing, China.  “Chinese Contemporary Art Document” Yonghe Art Museum, Beijing, China.  2007    “No U-Turn Segments of Chinese Avant-garde” Tra gallery Beijing, China.  “U.S. and us” Tra gallery, Beijing, China.  1998 “Global Roots-Chinese artist in New York” Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana.  “Contemporary Asian Art in American” Mills Pond House, St.James, NY.  “One Art from Two Cultures” CCI Gallery, Boston, MA.  “Chinese Vision” Nassau St.116, New York, NY.  1996    “Asian & Pacific Artists in New York” New Art Center, New York, NY.  1995    “Six Artists” Cork Gallery, Lincoln Center, New York, NY. “Pier show 2” Brooklyn, NY.  1992    “18th Annual Art Exhibition” Clark Gallery, Las Vegas, NV.  1991    “Art West of America” Las Vegas, NV.  1989    “Chinese Avant-garde” National Museum, Beijing, China.  1986    “New paintings by Three Artists” QinHua University, Beijing, China.  1985    “Abstract painting by Six Artists” Fudan University, Shanghai, China.

Exhibition History at Gallery 456
1997Beyond Calligraphy and Graffiti
Works & History

CYNTHIA-REEVES, North Adams, Lianghong Feng
CYNTHIA-REEVES, Lianghong Feng

EGG Gallery, Beijing, An Overlapped and Rotative Identity