Ying Kit Chan
Artist Statement

Ying Kit Chan • Chinese-American artist • In the 70's, he studied art in several colleges in Hong Kong including Hong Kong Baptist College, Hong Kong Polytechnic, and Hong Kong Buddhist College. In 1979, Chan continued his study in the United States and received his BFA from the University of Oklahoma (1981) and MFA from the University of Cincinnati (1983). Since 2003, he has been attending the European Graduate School in Saas-Fee (Switzerland) and Paris, and has taken seminars with some of the world's most visionary thinkers including the late Jacques Derrida and Jean Baudrillard.

Ying Kit Chan has presented his art work in over 180 exhibitions in the United States as well as in Australia, Canada, Ecuador, Germany, Korea, Japan, England, Hong Kong, Poland, Taiwan, and Portugal. His solo exhibitions include INDEXG Gallery (2010, 2007) in Toronto, LEE Gallery in Toronto (2001), Gallery 456 in New York (1999), Taipei Fine Arts Museum in Taipei (1993), Taiwan Museum of Art in Taichung (1992) and A.R.C. Gallery in Chicago (1989). Chan has received public awards including two Kentucky Arts Council Al Smith Visual Arts Fellowships (1994 and 2002), a National Endowment for the Arts / Southern Arts Federation Visual Arts Fellowship (1992) and an Urban Council Fine Arts Award at the Hong Kong Contemporary Art Biennial in 1977. He is Professor and Chair of the Department of Fine Arts at the University of Louisville.

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