Tsai Chih-Rong
Artist Statement

Chih Rong Tsai is not only an artist with style, according to my perspective, but also a socialized artist. Especially I emphasize the word “socialize” because I was shocked by his advocating and sponsorship of “environment- dynamics” on several occasions. I am convinced that it is where the meaning of Chih-Rong Tsai lie, in the development contemporary art history of Taiwan.

Doubtless, Chih-Rong Tsai was cultivated in the location Taipei, where provide the best artistic atmosphere for the growth of an artist. Since 1976, his name appeared in the “Basement Studio Joint Exhibition” when he was nineteen, for more than twenty years, he is still an active and one of the representative artists in the 80s and 90s, after the Oriental Painters’ Club and the lads of modernist painting. Starting from the primitive and direct expression of personal feelings in the “Primitive and Motive”, a huge painting with brushstrokes, vivid color, and stacked and compressed images, his paintings tended to convey his rebellions and overflow of power feeling temperament of being an “angry youth”. Later, he employed computer codes as his new painting language, transforming direct outburst of feeling into retrospection of scenes city image, and life through computer codes. From Chih-Rong Tsai pursuit from image to symbols, he experienced social and spiritual changes. He is a young artist that struggled away from the compression and stacking of reality and feedback the reality with compression and stacking with the terse and mysterious computer –hermeneutics series. I like deciphering of computer codes, the middle aged realistic artist is still full of sensitive passion, energetic drive, and an understanding heart.

Exhibition History at Gallery 456
2004Blocks Shifting
Works & History

2011 Angel Art Gallery Solo Exhibition – Bar code Language (Ripple Effect 4)

2010 Angel Art Gallery Solo Exhibition – Bar code Language (Ripple Effect 3)

2009 Angel Art Gallery Solo Exhibition – Bar code Language (Ripple Effect 1)

A7958 Art Gallery Solo Exhibition – Bar code Language (Ripple Effect 2)

2008 National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts – code Lang Dynamic Solo

Angel Art Gallery Solo Exhibition

2007 Every Harvest Art Gallery – Code Language System Environment Dynamic

Solo Exhibition National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
Group Exhibition

2011 2011 Sasaran Art Festival in Malayasia

2011 Asian international art exhibition in Seoul

2009 National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts—2009 Cross-Strait Contemporary art

China Museum of Fine Art— 2009 Cross-Strait Contemporary art

99 Artspace— The First Touch-Contemporary art

Miaoli culture international sightseeing bureau—Contemporary art

Ever Harvest Art Gallery— Contemporary Value-A Processing History

Taichung port district arts center

2008 Pacific Cultural Foundation Comtemporary Art Show

Yitong Gallery 20th Anniversary Show

2007 Angel art gallery mirroring homeward contemporary art of Formosa

2006 The 21st Asian International Art Exhibition (Singapore Art Museum)

2008 National Cultural Association – Magnetic‧Commensal No: 1

2008 Angel Art Gallery – Magnetic‧Commensal No: 1

2008 Angel Art Gallery – Magnetic‧Commensal No: 2

2008 Pacific Cultural Foundation – Contemporary curator of Taiwan

2008 A7958 Gallery – Culture Flame: Contemporary Trends of Art Exhibition by Renowned Taiwanese Artists

2009 99Qiyi Gallery – A Exhibition of Chengdu Chongqing kunming and Taiwan Contemporary Art

2009 National Cultural Association – New Viewpoint on Multi-Field Image: New South-West Contemporary Painting Exhibition

2009 Ever Harvest Art Gallery – Hello!Save the Planet: Hundreds of Artists Contemporary Art

2010 Taipei International Flora Exposition