Xiaojun Song
Artist Statement

Xiaojun Song, a professional Beijing Opera artist, graduated from the College of Traditional Chinese Opera of Shanxi Province in 2002, majoring in Wu Chou (fighting clown). Prior to moving to New York, he performed with the Theater of Beijing Opera of Shanxi Province. He toured Japan several times to critical acclaim, receiving high praise from Japanese audiences and colleagues. His most representative roles are "Crossroads," "Huoyun Hole," "Stealing the Silver Pot," and "True and False Monkey King." Song's awards include First Prize in Professional Group A of the "Xinmiao Cup National Competition of Beijing Opera for Junior" with the play "Shiqian Steals Corselet" and the Silver Prize of the CCTV Fifth Grand TV Prix of Young Performer in Beijing Opera. Mr. Song works regularly with Chinese American Arts Council Theater Ensemble.

Performance History with CAAC
20092009 Lincoln Center Out of Doors Festival