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2017.7.31[Sinovision/美國中文網] Bio-study Studio: Yi-Kuan Lin Solo Exhibition ....more

Artist Yikuan Lin has always been obsessed with the beauty that exists in the natural world.

During her residency in NYC, she collected plant and animal materials such as seeds, leaves and shells across the city.

In her studio, she conducted a series of examinations on the elements of the natural environment and also adopted eco-friendly methods to plant vegetable seeds, transforming her corner studio into a lively and sustainable greenhouse.

Grafting branches and flowers onto human limbs in drawings, using human skeleton models’ pelvis as an egg shell holder, pulling red strands running through eggs to depict blood flow in human blood vessels,

Yikuan juxtaposed the natural elements with the human body to express the similarities that human beings and nature share.

Thingamajig by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (


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