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2018.10.8[Beyond Chinatown] Furen Dai: The Institute of Marriage ....more

Marriage has always been one of the most important topics among Chinese of various age groups. Numerous fairytales, sayings, and metaphors related to marriage and women exist. Some examples are “It is better for a woman to have a good marriage than a good job” and “filial piety is one of the virtues to be held above all else.” “Three forms of unfilial conduct exist, of which no posterity is the greatest.” All of the sayings that are learnt by heart since Chinese people were children become heavily infused into their bodies and become a part of their consciousness, which is even more true for elder generations.

This body of work comes out of an on-going research project I began in 2017 around the marriage market in China. I have been examining closely the different social phenomenon and industries associated with marriage. Examples include commercial matchmaking agents and companies, blind date TV shows, online dating apps and matchmaking corners in both metropolitan and secondary cities, where unmarried adults’ parents are gathered together to trade their children’s information. During this examination I attempted to study the social cause behind this collective anxiety around marriage, and how it existed across generations in China.

Aside from the study of this contemporary issue in society, I’m also looking through a rational lens by using a mathematic algorithm to calculate the possibility of getting married. Even though there is a huge gender imbalance in China, the male is still the ‘hot product’ in the marriage market. I’m comparing the male to the art object, and the marriage market to the art market, in asking what makes the art, or males, valuable and desirable.


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