Outreach Activities
CAAC often co-sponsors performances or collaborates with other presenting organizations. We regularly serve as a liaison to the local Chinese-language/focused media outlets to promote artists and events. Please refer to About CAAC for more details.
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2023.10.10CAAC Announces Qionghui Zou as the Recipient of the 2022 Most Outstanding Artist Award ....more

On October 10th, Chinese artist Zou Qionghui was honored with the "Asia's Most Outstanding Artist Award" in New York City by the New York Cultural Council, the Lincoln Center for the Arts, and the Chinese American Arts Council in recognition of Ms. Zou Qionghui's outstanding achievements in the field of art.

"The Asia's Most Outstanding Artist Award was first established in 1981. In the same year, because of the New York Lincoln Center awarded Elizabeth Taylor Honorary Award; Lincoln Center for the Arts proposed by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, the Lincoln Center for the Arts and the United States and Chinese American Arts Council jointly established the "Asia's Most Outstanding Performer Award", aims to recognize the authority of the field of the arts and artists and the promotion of the development of Asian art has made special contributions to the development of Asian art. The purpose of the award is to recognize artists of authority in various fields of art and outstanding individuals who have made special contributions to the promotion of the arts in Asia, and to select one person from a large number of candidates each year. The first "Asia's Most Outstanding Artist Award" was awarded to Li Lihua, who has won Golden Horse Awards: Best Leading Actress. And later artists such as Yo-Yo Ma, Mei Baojiu, Luo dayou, Zhang Junqiu, Tong Zhiling, Liu Sikun, and so on, were honored, and now this award has a history of forty years, with a very high credibility overseas.

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