Outscape Escape
3.18 - 3.30.2021

The exhibition centers around the artist’s 3d animations, digital prints, artist book and drawn models.

The artist Lorin Chow Roser with Chinese American roots, presents a world animated by extraordinary architectural abilities and unconventional forms born from mathematical constructs and codes. He sculpts with 3d moving video shapes alluding to simulations of natural laws. The invented buildings combine features of organic shapes and man-made mechanisms as we look into an alternative understanding to reinterpret ways of our inward future with Asian diaspora experiences. He will present pagoda designs and earlier ties to ancestry of railroad workers in his videos too as a tribute to noted artists and heroes (monks, multicultural community leaders and survivors) with Nina Kuo, artist .

These pieces have all undergone various stages of appropriation and transformation. These images belong to a system composed of refracted references that recall Metabolism‘s reality and memory’s mythical powers. They also resemble “power objects” that channel the projection, borrowing and asserting urban dreams of alienation and hybridity often imagined alongside the expressionistic yet futuristic experiences he has heightened and made alluring as we escape into new worlds.

Elizabeth Rogers - noted scholar will provide Intro and Essay for exhibit – Recently curated at White Box, Served as Assistant Director - Japan Society, Director - Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art, etc. Her essays are published in international journals: Art Asia Pacific, Arts of Asia and others.

This exhibition is by appointment only. Please RSVP to events@caacarts.org.

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