Benrei Huang
My own keepers- Benrei Huang Exhibition

March 30 - April 27, 2018
Gallery 456

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Exhibition Statement
It’s been ten full years since I started creating paintings with a bunny named Nini in them.

Earlier on, people kept asking me, “Why bunnies?” Now in retrospect, this accidental intruder in my life has brought me down an amazing road I had never thought I’d go down, and for longer than I could have ever expected. It has more or less become my keeper on a path of exploration. Because of this, the once clear and repeated explanations to that question are now impalpable and too complicated for words. A lot of my viewers have projected their own life experiences into my works; a vivid reflection of their life and on-the-spot emotions. My audience, old and new, has unwittingly become partners of my work.

Program Notes
Opening Reception: Friday, March 30 2018, 6-8pm