Among us | Among You
Ying-Ju Lai & Chi-Ying Hsieh's Painting
January 11 - January 25, 2013
Gallery 456
Exhibition Statement

Be one of the immigrates to U.S. living in New York City, a city of multiple nationalities, among you, we are in a live journey which give us very different experiences from living in our home country. With our own growing background in our home country, sometimes, maybe many times, we feel the overlapping of the East and the West. That is, the overlapping of spaces and times. That may lead to a feeling of “mis-located”. While, to the second generation of immigrants, our children who were born here, among us, they have a totally different experience. They grow in this multiple-culture environment naturally. In them, our feeling of
“mis-located” is not there anymore.

As their previous dual exhibition, Chi-Ying Hsieh and Ying-Ju Lai, a couple artists from Taiwan, use different painting language to interpret their perception to the very same surrounding. Try to catch the visual beauty and spiritual stabilization in this cultural mixed, colorful, fast shifted city life. In this exhibition, they focus on their six-year-old daughter, a second generation immigrant, and her little friends. Through the still pure children’s relationship and their surrounding, in this multiple culture metropolitan, a world is among you and among us.

During the preparation of this exhibition, we all went through the hurt and sadness from Hurricane Sandy and Sandy Hood Elementary School Tragedy. We long for that this exhibition could bring hope to viewers from the pureness and beauty of childhood.

Opening Reception

6-8pm, January 11,2013
纯净斑斓童话世界 456画廊《你/之间/我》油画展
「你/之間/我」雙人油畫展 移民路多豐美
「你/之间/我」双人油画展 移民路多丰美