The Absent Scenery
Ming-Jen Hsu Solo Exhibition
July 3 - July 31, 2014
Gallery 456
Exhibition Statement

The Absent Scenery – Despite how vividly and meticulously a scene is illustrated, it is lost indefinitely upon being perceived. The scenery sighted is transformed in the mind by how it was remembered over time and becomes a memory that is fragmented, incoherent and nonexistent outside of the body. These absented scenery constantly arouse the emotional sensations hidden inside my mind, and I can almost see its clear and vibrant detail when being in a serene state of mind.
This solo exhibition – “The Absent Scenery” will present my recent lineal drawing series which seeks to undertake a series of investigations into my internal world through the theme of “scenery.” Through the process of carving and writing on those slate-like hand-made papers, pieces of allegorical scenery emerged, which correspondingly reveals the process of the my mental investigation. In consequence, the course of this artistic creation became a mysterious ritual of self-discovery.

Opening Reception: 6-8pm 7.8.2014
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「The Absent Scenery」Ming-Jen Hsu Solo exhibition