NINA KUO - LORIN ROSER : Mythical Montage
Paintings Parallel 3D Animation Video
June 12 - July 10, 2009
Gallery 456
Exhibition Statement

Painted landscapes turn into montaged 3-D videos and stills to reveal Chinese perspectives that are surreal yet meditative. These paintings and computer generated images influence and parallel the emotion in our mental world offering a mythical landscape of Asian scholars in a challenging Pop culture.

Performance at Gallery 456, Soho with Helen Yee on electric erhu
Tang Loopology with Helen Yee on electro Yangqin at Flushing Town Hall
Robot Noise Ensemble at the Puffin Room with experimental video curated by A.Schloss
Solo performance at CBGB's Gallery with pedal steel guitar and chaos theory computer generated accompaniment. Curated by Kitty Brazelton
Designed a rehearsal room for Fred Ho

Animation at 456 Gallery, Soho, NYC, NYCArtBeat pick of the week
Animation show with music at Flushing Town Hall, NYC curated by Cheryl McGinnis
Museum of Asian Culture, Corpus Christi, Texas and Hall Walls, Buffalo, NY with a review and reproduction in the Buffalo Evening News 8-26-2006
Animation at the Plum Blossom Art Gallery, NYC, Village Voice pick of the week
Manchu Storm animation at Super Deluxe, Tokyo
Animations at Remote curated by Arleen Schloss
3rd Place in Future Music Eat Static Remix competition-mix deemed
reminiscent of Sun Ra
Audiovisual sculpture at the Mo David Gallery-Post Post Hawaiian
Tape Loop sculpture Art Against Apartheid Basement Workshop
Lead guitar for the play The Goong Hay Kid at the Nuyorican with a radio performance on WBAI.
Corner Dance radio performance on WKCR's Transfigured Night
Live From the Fog radio broadcast over S.F. College radio Two Guitarists Live television on KQED, S.F
Music for the following performance works with Verneta Nemec: Mexican Memories/La Mama Annex, N.Y.C., Chahultapec Park, Mexico City Surface Tension /Snug Harbor Cultural Center Staten Island, Experimental Intermedia Foundation, N.Y. Private Places Woman's Building, Los Angeles - Franklin Furnace, N.Y.C. M.O.M.A You're Not My Mama/ Henry St. Settlement, N.Y.C. / Evolutionary Woman/ Brooklyn Arts and Culture Association

These projects led to future work with Alan Chow, Stelarc, Harvest Works, Lightbox, Whitebox, The Wrong Biennial and the Aula.

Nina Kuo ‘s artworks create a meditative spirit with global influences from an Asian past & probes the scholarly world while appreciating one's anachronistic society. Photos, paintings, murals are created to expand visualization of these connections.
See catalog intro by E. Heartney and Prof. Karetzky

Published Artworks in two Books by Lucy Lippard
Past reviews by H. Cotter, B. Genocchio, J. Goodman, L Chua , etc.
Grants: Arts International, ArtMatters, Artist Space, etc.
Collections: Brooklyn Museum, Lib. of Congress, Pierogi, Bibliotheque Nationale, Artist Book Collections,Chicago Art Inst. Library, etc.

Opening Reception:
Friday June 12 | 6:00 - 9:00 PM

Helen Yee - music
Fred Ho -- Music Guest

This Show was displayed in Art in America 2009 magazine.