An Afternoon of Chinese Theater: Celebrating Monkey Year 2016
February 27, 2016
Performed by:
Produced by:
Alan Chow
New York Chinatown Community Center Theater
Time: Feb 27 2016, 2:30pm
Programs: Havoc in Heaven, Lengend of the White Snake

Free Admission
62 Mott Street, New York

On February 27 2016, an Afternoon of Chinese Theater celebrating Monkey Year 2016, presented by Chinese American Arts Council, will be held at the New York Chinatown Community Theater at CCBA.

Two programs will be presented:
- Havoc in Heaven: Monkey King Stealing Magical Peaches
- The Legend of the White Snake: First Sighting on the Bridge

The role of monkey in "Havoc in Heaven" will be played by the 70-year-old actor Yulin Fang – a celebrating Chinese Opera artist. Exactly 12 years ago, Mr. Fang also played the same role, the Monkey, at the New Year celebration festival held by World Journal. That festival was covered and well received by the mainstream media. Today, 12 years later, Mr. Fang will be once again on stage to play his best.

In “The Length of the White Snake”, the white snake will be played by Alan Chow, who is also the executive producer; Yulin Fang plays her love interest; Dano, a rising young opera artist, will play the role of her maid. This year, we are most fortunate to invite Ling Yan Xun, who represents one of the most famous Chinese Opera lineages “Xun Pai”, as the theatrical consultant.

Art consultant; Ling Yan Xun
Costumes & Props; Cui Yongming
Makeup Artist: Yang Guiying
Main Actors: Room Francis Chin , Alan Chow, Dano

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