Tao Wen-Yueh
Artist Statement

Creation is an inner reflection for Tao Wen-yueh. It contains all kinds of elements that include his feelings accumulated in those passing years, love and care for the here and now as well as his thinking and expectation from the outside world.

Keeping journal is a common way for many to record their lives, but Tao chooses sketches and painting. He transforms thoughts that used to be represented by written language into spots, lines, patches and totem signs. These simple images created out of abstraction enjoy a free combination of abstract and concrete shapes. Somehow, they achieve a better or wider space for imagination. Some of his works exhibit various creation techniques for different materials. That places an emphasis on the cohesion of the work itself and the contrast with its surroundings.

Chen Yin-de, a Taiwanese critic based in the Frence, made a remark that Tao likes to try alls the possibilities of creation with his sketches.

His sketches are not a "faithful" representation of the outer world, but an effort or ambition to change it. He can always discover a truth beyond appearances that is to be obtained only with intuition. Art creation should be a way to explore truth without which not much is left.

Tao's experience of art creation resembles that of J. Bissier, who once said that his key to creation was thinking over his notes jotted down in certain occasions. Tao listens to sad music when he paints, because he considers that leads him closer to the source of inspiration. In addition to painting, Tao studies and collects oriental-style Buddhist or Taoist sculptures and African sculptures that exhibit a plain style. In the course of appreciation and research, Tao gradually incorporates these styles or elements into his own creation and turn them into his own style, colors and totem signs. Many of his paintings are exhibited in a sequel series as if there was a hidden code that the artist used to decipher the key to inspiration. In his paintings, the representation of impressions and the use of suggestions are arranged in a manner combining classic order, balance and rhythm and contemporary art diversity. It is filled with a literary air. Tao Wen-yueh stands at the fore among the young generation of abstract artists of the 80s. He is also ambitious enough to create a new style that is plain bit truly original in today's diversified art world.

Exhibition History at Gallery 456
2004Blocks Shifting
Works & History
Solo Exhibitions -
1991    Escape Beteau-Lavoir, Paris.
1994    "The Marching of Time"-Taipei Fine Art Museum.
Howard Salon, Taipei.
1995    "Turning Point of the Spirit"- Dimensions Art Center, Taipei.
1996 ~ 79    "Delineation of Mental Concepts"- Howard Salon, Taipei & Kaohsiung
1997    Issy-Les-Moulineaux , France.
1999    "The line of Memory"- Dimensions Art Center, Taipei & Taichung.
2001    2001 "Stages of Feeling"- Dimensions Art Center, Taipei.
2004    "Hope Space"- Safulak Art Village, Hsinchu, Taiwan.
"The Abstract of Memory"- Keelung Municipal Culture Center, Keelung, Taiwan.
2005    "Memory · Life"- Sing Art Gallery, Tainan.
Group Exhibition -
1990    Special Invitation, S.A.G.A.'90 Art Exhibit, Grand Palais, Paris.
1991    Young Artists Salon, EIne, France.
1992    International Young Artists Salon, Grand Palais, Paris
Invitational Painting Exhibition, French National Memorial Museum, Paris.
1993    13th Biennial Mediterranean Art Festival, Nice, France.
1994 ~ 01    The 6th, 7th, 8th and 10th International Biennial Print and Drawing Exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan
1996    Young Taiwan Artist in France Exhibition, Overseas Chinese Center, Paris, France.
1997    "Taipei - Paris : Tendances de I'Art Abstrait Exhibitio", Centre Culture! et d'lnformation de Taipei in Paris.
1999    "Rencontre Fortuite de Conscience" Young Artist, Franceesided, Exhibitio overseas Chinese Culture!, Paris.
2001    The 49th Salon Exhibition, Charenton Le Font, France.
" Shanghai Art Fair", Shanghai.
2003    "Envision Xing Tin Zhen Exhibition"- Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China
2004    "Salon Comparison" - Espace Auteuil , Paris.
"Movie, Drama, Art"- Library MK2-Espace.
"Blocks Shifting I" Gallery 456, New York and Cork Gallery, Lincoln Center, New York.
2005    "China- Korea Contemporary Art Exhibition", Ho Hsian Ning Museum, Senjiun, China.
"L'oeil du touriste"- Gallery Patricia Dorfmann, Gallery Frederic Giroux and Gallery Alain le Gaillard , Paris.
"China- Korea Contemporary Art Exhibition", Sejong Museum, Seoui, Korea.
"Blocks Shifting II" Art Center, National Central University, Taiwan.
2012    Group exhibitions "Confused, not Confused" in Metaphysical Art Gallery, Taipei
2013    Group exhibitions "Start from Zero" in Metaphysical Art Gallery, Taipei
2014    Group exhibitions "Is It Paper?" in Metaphysical Art Gallery, Taipei