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2018.9.24[Beyond Chinatown] Yuanyuan Yang: Theater of Crossroads ....more

The first solo exhibition by Beijing-based artist Yuanyuan Yang in New York showcases photographs and a performance video from four different projects—10 Days in Kraków (2014), At the Place of Crossed Sights (2015-2016), Dalian Mirage (2017-ongoing), and Yang’s current research about a group of pioneering female performers of the Chinese diaspora. Interlacing the existing stories and historical events embedded in the works from these projects, the exhibition forms a cohesive narrative oriented around migration and war in the 20th century. Yuanyuan Yang highlights five prominent figures in relation to the aforementioned projects and, through these characters, the exhibition gives voice to individual stories and re-contextualizes the complex history of diaspora and cultural circulations.

These highly idiosyncratic and intricate narratives are embodied in each project in this exhibition. In a theater play format, Dalian Mirage stages stories of various figures from different eras in the context of the Sino-Japanese War and the colonial history of Dalian, China under Japanese occupation between 1905-1945. The work reveals the forgotten homecoming of displaced Japanese in China. By narrating stories of several photographers in Porto Alegre, Brazil in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and the artist’s personal encounters with them, At the Place of Crossed Sights explores the history of European and Chinese immigration to Brazil. The artist’s newly developed and ongoing project traces a lost 1939 film by female Chinese-American filmmaker Esther Eng. By assembling surviving fragments of the Chinese diaspora, Yang intends to unveil the backstage world of female performers in the Cantonese opera, film and entertainment scene between 1914-1970. Collectively, Theater of Crossroads sheds light on marginalized groups under the impact of colonial policy and identity politics.


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