Outreach Activities
CAAC often co-sponsors performances or collaborates with other presenting organizations. We regularly serve as a liaison to the local Chinese-language/focused media outlets to promote artists and events. Please refer to About CAAC for more details.
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2021.12.18Gallery 456 | Exhibition Opening & Artist Talk | Flâneur Redux by Zelene Jiang Schlosberg ....more
2021.12.3Artist Talk | In Conversation: Chenlin Cai and Jiaoyang Li ....more
2021.11.19Roundtable Talk | Writing Across Borders: Chinese Female Writers on the Intersection of Language, Cinema, and Theatre ....more
2021.11.12Gallery 456 | Exhibition Opening | Body•Mark by Chenlin Cai ....more
2021.10.10Artist Talk | In Conversation: Xiaojing Yan and Lilly Wei ....more
2021.10.8Gallery 456 | Exhibition Opening | Pines, Needles, Mushrooms, Ink, Paint: A Botanical Rhapsody by Xiaojing Yan ....more
2021.9.27Workshop | Cultural Understanding Through the Arts ....more
2021.9.10Artist Talk | In Conversation: Poyen Wang and Yihsuan Chiu ....more
2021.4.23Gallery 456 | Exhibition Opening | Saying The Quiet Parts Out Loud by YIKUI (COY) GU ....more
2021.1.15RESILIENCE!! A conversation on relief efforts, connecting Chinatowns across North America ....more
2019.11.6CAAC co-sponsors Lijun Zhou's Special Dance Performance Press Conference ....more
2019.10.15Artist Talk | In Conversation: Eleen Lin and Janusz Jaworski ....more