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On April 14, 1989, the Chinese American Arts Council opened the first non profit Asian art gallery in SOHO. The Council's office, located at 456 Broadway 3rd floor, was renovated to include Gallery 456, which aimed to serve as an art exhibition platform for emerging Asian and Asian-American artists in the United States. The newly created 700 square foot exhibition space, completed with track lighting, presented its first five artists' exhibition, featuring four painters and a sculptor, Dan Qing Chen, Che Chuang, Yan Hsia, Ji Da Wong, and Chi Hung Yang. The opening was a gala celebration for the new gallery. Three hundred, old and new friends, joined the staff and artists, enjoyed the art and wished success of the new venture.

Back in February 1977, the Council had co-sponsored, with the Brooklyn Arts and Culture Association, the first indoor all Asian American multimedia visual art show in the United States. The exhibition was on view for three days at St. Ann's Parish House, 157 Montague Street, Brooklyn Heights and featured sculpture (clay, metal, wood), oil and water color painting, (modern and traditional) and paper cutting (folk art). Artists were encouraged and interest was evident by the huge attendance. The Council added annual Asian artist exhibits to its programs, presented in City Gallery, Community Gallery, Westbeth, Brooklyn Museum, Queen Museum and Cork Gallery and Lincoln Center.

In keeping with the Council's dedication in helping artistic exchange and exposure, The platform at Gallery 456 actively works with emerging Asian artists to exhibit their works in New York. The central location of the gallery, in downtown SOHO, helps artists' exposure to the main street. In addition to art forums, both traditional and contemporary arts are to be presented with ten to twelve exhibitions annually. The works of the artists often reveal the artistic trend on the horizon.

As part of an art service organization, the gallery serves not only the artist, but also the community and the general public. Seminars on art are often planned to further the public appreciation of the culture.

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